AOF Council

Ivan Chan, President

Matt Vinar, Tournaments/ Ratings

Fab Guibal, Social Media

Hayden Goodman, Secretary 

The Australian Othello Federation was formed on the 16th September 1995 at the University of Monash to promote and play the game of Othello in Australia. This was also the year the World Othello championships were last hosted in Australia, and our hope was that by creating a Federation or Association we would help increase the standard of play in Othello in this country as it was clear at the time that the Americans, Europeans and Japanese knew a lot more about this game than we did.

We no longer collect membership fees so our activities are somewhat constrained by our limited financial means. However we still do our best to organise Othello tournaments around the country and have organised the Australian Nationals nearly every year since 1995. We also maintain a maling list to keep Australian Othello players updated on upcoming tournaments or results. Contact us to join the mailing list or if you just want to know more about the AOF.

Since 2005 the Australian Othello Federation is affiliated with the World Othello Federation which manages the World Othello Championships and maintains a world rating list.