Our annual national Othello tournament

Since 1995 we have organised a national Othello tournament (“the Nationals”) nearly every year in different cities around Australia. The purpose of this tournament is mainly for Othello players from all over the country to get together at least once a year and play our favourite strategy game. We also award a trophy to the winner, who becomes known as the Australian Othello champion for that particular year.

Click here to view the official tournament rules.

Australian Othello Champions

Year City Australian Champion Runner-up Third place
2023 Melbourne Scott Hughes Matt Vinar Ivan Chan
2022 Sydney Scott Hughes Matt Vinar Joanna William
2021 Sydney Scott Hughes Joanna William Matt Vinar
2020 was not held
2019 Melbourne Scott Hughes Matt Vinar Sam Milankov
2018 Sydney Matt Vinar Thierry Lefebvre Joanna William
2017 Brisbane Matt Vinar Scott Hughes Sam Milankov
2016 Perth Matt Vinar Scott Hughes Sam Milankov
2015 Melbourne Matt Vinar Phil Cairns Sam Milankov
2014 Tuggerah Scott Hughes Matt Vinar Nathan Cairns
2013 Canberra Matt Vinar Amy Fu Phil Cairns
2012 Melbourne matt Matt Vinar Phil Cairns Paul Hubbard
2011 Sydney matt Matt Vinar Joanna William Scott Hughes
2010 Melbourne matt Matt Vinar Amy Fu Michiko Yanagi
2009 Tuggerah matt Matt Vinar Scott Hughes Michiko Yanagi
2008 Melbourne scott Scott Hughes Matt Vinar Geoff Hubbard
2007 Brisbane matt Matt Vinar Scott Hughes Phil Cairns
2006 Sydney matt Matt Vinar David Beck Alex Wong
2005 Sydney jonas Jonas Lindholt Matt Vinar Phil Cairns
2004 Sydney liz Elisabetta Vecchi George Ortiz Luke Halvorsen
2003 Melbourne george George Ortiz Matt Vinar Aleister Ramos
2002 Gosford matt Matt Vinar George Ortiz Aleister Ramos
2001 Melbourne matt Matt Vinar Paul Hubbard George Ortiz
2000 Canberra phil Phil Cairns Phil Johnston George Ortiz
1999 was not held
1998 Melbourne george George Ortiz Geoff Hubbard Paul Hubbard
1997 was not held
1996 Canberra george George Ortiz Geoff Hubbard Simon Jones
1995 Melbourne simon Simon Jones George Ortiz Geoff Hubbard