25th anniversary online tournament on PlayOK


This year the Australian Othello Federation celebrates its 25th year of existence. In the last 25 years we hosted the Australian Nationals all over the country and had many players representing Australia in several international tournaments such as the World Othello Championships, Othello World Cup and Mind Sports Olympiads.

To celebrate the occasion we will be organising an online tournament on PlayOK.

PlayOK tournament ID : 8728923 (created by “tele2dom”)
Date : Sunday September 27th 2020
Time : 3:00PM AEST (5:00AM GMT)
Format : 7 rounds (time controls : 10 minutes per player)

The tournament is open to all players from all over the world.
Please let us know if you wish to participate (we will need to know your name and PlayOK username).

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