Ivan Chan wins the 2021 Melbourne Open


The 2021 Melbourne Open went ahead, after postponing the date and also with a change of location. A total of six players took part, all from the state of Victoria.

Matt Vinar finished the 5 preliminary rounds undefeated and it looked like it would be yet another tournament win for the 13-time Australian champion. However Ivan Chan created the surprise in the final winning the game 42-22.

Congratulations Ivan!!!

FINAL Ivan Chan 42-22 Matt Vinar
Game transcript:
D3 C5 E6 F5 C4 E3 F4 F3 F6 D6 C6 C2 D2 E7 G4 G3 G6 F7 F2 H3 G5 H6 D7 E2 C1 C3 F1 C8 B4 H5 H4 A4 B5 B3 A5 A6 A3 B6 C7 A2 D8 E8 B7 B8 G7 H8 H7 F8 B1 E1 A8 G2 G8 D1 H1 A1 H2 A7 B2 G1
Standings after round 5
Place Name Points Discs
1 Matt Vinar 5 305
2 Ivan Chan 4 218
3 William Skewes 3 151
4 Eugene Skewes 2 122
5 Dylan Milankov 1 105
6 Denise Chan 0 59
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