Matt Vinar wins the 2015 National in Melbourne

12 players came together at the 2015 Australian Othello Nationals in Melbourne. This was the 20th anniversary of the Australian Nationals, and it was good to see the tournament return to its birthplace.

Matt Vinar went undefeated in the preliminary 5 rounds and then went on to defeat Phil Cairns in the final with a score of 47-17.

Congratulations, Matt!

FINAL Matt Vinar 47-17 Phil Cairns
Game transcript:
D3 C3 C4 C5 D6 E6 C6 F4 B4 E3 F6 B5 B3 A4 F5 G5 G4 G6 A3 A5 B6 A2 F3 F7 E7 D8 H5 D7 H6 C7 E2 F1 D2 D1 C2 C1 A7 H3 G3 H4 H2 G2 A6 A8 B2 F2 E1 H7 H8 A1 F8 E8 B1 G7 G8 G1 C8 B8 H1 PA B7
Standings after round 5
Place Points Discs Name
1 5 253 Matt Vinar
2 4 200 Phil Cairns
3 3 202 Sam Milankov
4 171 Helen Sheehan
5 161 Fleur Cairns
6 156 Alana Milankov
7 154 Robert Girado
8 2 138 Shauna Milankov
9 1 127 Nicole Vinar
10 125 Mel Broom
11 117 Matthew Broom
12 116 Adrian Broom

There has not been any decision made concerning the team for the WOC, but this will be discussed over the next couple of weeks.

Photos and transcripts will be posted as they become available.

Thanks very much to Robert for arranging access to the St Kilda Town Hall training room, and for providing drinks and nibblies for the day.

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