Matt Vinar wins the 2016 National in Perth

6 players came together for the 2016 Australian Othello Nationals in Perth. This is the first time the tournament had taken place in Perth, and it was good to take it across to the west coast.

In Matt’s words:

The final was between Scott and myself. Sam was playing great all day, leading with 4/4 wins up until round 5 (beat me in round 2 quite easily).

Unfortunately he didn’t quite make the final by disc count, with 1 loss in the final round to Scott. Scott/Sam/myself were tied on 4, with Scott and I on more discs than Sam.

So Matt and Scott played each other thanks to the number of discs taken during the preliminaries. Scott started out strongly, heading into the mid-game with a slight lead. Strong play by both players saw things fairly even up to move 36, but Matt took advantage of a couple of less-than-optimal moves, and by move 45, he had taken a strong lead. Almost flawless play on the part of both players saw Matt take a 46-18 victory.

Congratulations, Matt!

FINAL Matt Vinar 46-18 Scott
Game transcript:
E6 F4 C3 C4 D3 D6 F6 D2 C6 F5 C5 B6 E3 F3 B5 E2 G6 E7 G4 G3 D7 H5 F8 G5 F2 F7 H6 E8 D8 E1 C1 B3 B4 D1 C2 H7 A6 A4 A5 A7 A3 A2 B2 C7 H4 H3 G8 A1 B1 G7 H8 PA H2 G2 H1 G1 B8 C8 F1 A8 B7
Standings after round 5
Place Points Discs Name
1 4 217 Scott Hughes
2 4 202 Matt Vinar
3 4 184 Sam Milankov
4 2 147 Phil Cairns
5 1 161 Robert Girado
6 0 86 Fab Guibal

Thanks very much to Fab for arranging the room at the State Library of Western Australia. The venue was ideal.

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