Matt Vinar wins the Melbourne Open 2022

On Saturday 13 August, eight players took part to determine the winner for this year. The Open was played at a function room in the St Kilda Town Hall. Like in past tournaments, five rounds were played and the two participants with the most wins / points made it to the final. 

Both Matt Vinar and Sam Milankov were the top two players of the preliminary five rounds and earned a spot in the final. Matt won the final quite convincingly (51 to 0). Despite the lopsided result, there were some  interesting moves throughout the game.

The tournament was a first for Anthony Hain who takes home the rookie prize. Quite impressive for a first timer to finish third in the tournament. 

One of the highlights of the day was the appearance of a veteran of the 1984 WOC in Melbourne. It was great to hear stories from Frank Meerbach.

Thanks to Robert Girardo for finding the venue for us.

Place Name Points Discs
1 Vinar, Matt 5 310
2 Milankov, Samuel 4 300
3 Hain, Anthony 3 231
Chan, Ivan 223
5 Chan, Denise 2 199
Girardo, Robert 186
7 Skewes, Eugene 1 165
8 Skewes, William 0 166

Transcript for final game

MILANKOV Samuel 0-51 VINAR Matt

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