Othello/Reversi Canberra 2013 Tournament

Tournament Report Othello

FINAL Matt Vinar 40-24 Amy Fu
1: 6 pts [315] Matt Vinar
2: 5 pts [289] Amy Fu
3: 4 pts [251] Phil Cairns
[205] Paul Hubbard
5: 3 pts [202] Fleur Cairns
[202] Robert Girardo
[187]  Samuel Milankov
[152]  Hongkong Nguyen
9: 2 pts [147]  Sarah Harris
[140]  Adrian Broom
11: 1 pt [128]  Thomas John Hatzi
12: 0 pt [86]  Christopher Hubbard

Click this link to access the photos that were taken at the event Pictures of Canberra 2013, and here are the transcripts from the event.

It was another great Othello (also more commonly known as Reversi) tournament in the heart of our nation’s capital “Canberra 2013” on the 6 July 2013.

All up we had 12 participants for the event at the AustralianNationalUniversity in the Hancock building.  As a group we decided to run with 6 rounds and one grand final.

The tournament was highly competitive, most notably at the top of the table clashes between Matt, Amy, Phil, Paul and the new comer Sam (playing only in his second tournament) and really starting to make an impact in the top of the table clashes.

Matt went undefeated throughout the tournament and Amy was the eventual runners up with a 40-24 win to Matt in the grand final.

The battle of the rookies came down to Christopher and Adrian, in the end Adrian managed to win a couple of games which meant that he was able to came away with the rookie prize.

All up everyone seemed to have a good time, it was a well run event. I would like to thank Amy and Paul for helping to organise the location and date, and for all the players for coming such a long way to play in this tournament.

Well done

Robert Girardo

President Australian Othello

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