Geoff Hubbard at 2005 British GP

Geoff Hubbard wins in Salisbury to take out the 2005 British Grand Prix!

Aussie Othello veteran Geoff Hubbard, who moved to the UK six years ago, has won the 2005 British Grand Prix after winning the final stage in Salisbury :

1. Geoff Hubbard (AUS) 6/7 bgp2005
  2. Pierluigi Stanzione (I) 5.5
  3. Roy Arnold (UK) 4.5
  4. Lisa Boardman (AUS) 4
=5. Jeremy Dyer (UK) 3
=5. Julian Richens (UK) 3
  7. Stephen Rowe (UK) 1

Here are the complete 2005 British GP standings after all five stages.
Geoff Hubbard has now won the British GP on three occasions (2002, 2004 & 2005).

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