Japan Wins 29th WOC

Japan win clean sweep in Iceland at the 29th World Othello Championships!


The 2005 Japanese team (from left, Mami Yamanaka, Tamaki Miyaoka, Hideshi Tamenori and Hisako Hoshi) won all three major titles at the 29th World Othello Championships in Reykjavik, Iceland that took place from November 9th to 12th.

Hideshi Tamenori is the new 2005 World Othello Champion, as the best Othello player of all time won his 6th world title! Hisako Hoshi won the inaugural Women’s World Othello Champion title and the Japanese team won the 2005 team world title as the best nation in the tournament.

Our own Aussie representative, Geoff Hubbard, finished 39th out of 62 international players with a total of 6 wins (from 13 rounds). And you’ll find the complete standings, games, and photos of Reykjavik 2005 on the official WOC website.

Next year, the 30th World Othello Championship will be held in Japan, where it all started, to celebrate 30 years of Othello’s biggest international event. Let’s hope we can get a complete Australian team together for the occasion !

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