Scott Hughes wins the 2019 National in Melbourne

The 2019 Australian Nationals was a fantastic day, with 14 players coming to Melbourne from around the country, and we even had some international players. Three players from the Mongolian Othello Federation came down to Melbourne and played (they’d been visiting Sydney and came down for the tournament).

Scott Hughes won 5/5 in the pairings and won the final against Matt Vinar. He played fantastically and didn’t drop a game all day.

Ivan Chan, a local Melbournian won the best rookie award, and Sam Milankov again got close to playing in a final with 4/5 wins. Well done to all!

Again, our thanks go to Rob Girardo for organising the venue for our use.

FINAL Matt Vinar vs Scott Hughes 21-43
Game transcript:
E6 F4 C3 C4 D3 C2 G4 D6 C6 F5 F6 E7 D7 C5 C7 F7 B5 B4 D2 E3 F3 A6 F8 B6 E2 E8 B7 D8 B8 G8 A7 A5 A4 F1 B3 A3 A2 E1 B2 H3 H5 G3 G5 F2 D1 A1 G6 H6 H7 H4 H2 G2 B1 C1 H1 G1 C8 A8 G7 H8
Standings after round 5
Place Country Points Tie-break(MBQ) Name
1 Australia 5 328 Scott Hughes
2 Australia 4 285 Matt Vinar
3 Australia 4 279 Sam Milankov
4 Australia 3 247 Phil Cairns
5 Australia 3 242 Dominic Abreu
6 Australia 3 238 Ivan Chan
7 Australia 3 224 Fab Guibal
8 Australia 2 231 Thomas Hatzi
9 UK 2 199 Richard Myint
10 Australia 2 196 Robert Girardo
11 Mongolia 2 159 Garmaa Banzragch
12 Australia 1 183 Shauna Milankov
13 Mongolia 1 163 Shinetuya Erdenebileg
14 Mongolia 0 141 Emujin Batsukh
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