Scott Hughes wins the 2022 Australian Nationals in Sydney

After the Covid- interrupted Nationals in 2021 and no tournament in 2020, othello in Australia was back in excellent shape for the 2022 event. Held in Sydney on Saturday, April 23, 10 participants took part in this year’s tournament. There was a good mix of regular players and newcomers.

Five rounds were played in the preliminary stages to determine the top two players who would then advance into the final game. Both veterans Scott Hughes and Matt Vinar tied the top two positions with 4 wins and a draw each. The final match of this year’s Nationals was played out by the two veterans and broadcast on live othello for the rest of the othello community to watch from around the world. The final was enthralling and at times tense to watch, however Scott prevailed to win the game 41 to 23. Congratulations to Scott on winning consecutive National titles in 2021 and 2022.

The Rookie of the year was Denise Chan with two wins in the preliminary rounds of the tournament. A great effort for a newcomer.

A big Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s tournament.



Standings after 5 rounds
Place Name Wins Tie-break(MBQ)
1 Scott Hughes 4.5 299.5
Matt Vinar 4.5 297.5
3 Joanna William 3 308
Ivan Chan 3 223
Samuel Milankov 3 211.5
6 Denise Chan 2 209.5
William Skewes 2 186.5
Eugene Skewes 2 181
9 Shauna Milankov 1 173.5
10 Daniela Gradil 0 135
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