Scott Hughes wins the Australian Nationals 2021 in Sydney

After Covid 19 disrupted the tournament last year, the four players were able to get together in Sydney to determine the overall winner.

The two finalists of each of the Sydney and Melbourne Opens of last year took part in a final round today to determine the eventual winner of that year’s Nationals. Three matches were played with Scott and Joanna taking out the top spots for the final game.

The final was a repeat of the Sydney Open final of last year with both Scott and Jo taking part. However, this time, Scott was able to gain the upper hand to win the game 36 to 28 and so make up for his loss to Jo in last year’s Sydney Open final. Scott is the Australian Champion for the 2021 Nationals.

A big thanks to Ivan for being the host.


Standings after 3 rounds
Place Name Wins Discs
1 Joanna William 2 132
2 Scott Hughes 2 112
3 Matt Vinar 2 99
4 Ivan Chan 0 41
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